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How Do You Renew Or Replace Florida Vehicle Registration In 2024?

How Do You Renew Or Replace Florida Vehicle Registration? It is pretty simple to replace or renew; follow the guide.

Keeping your Florida vehicle registration up to date can be a challenge.

Whether it’s a renewal or a replacement, the law requires all vehicles to have a current registration to drive legally on Florida roads.


This article will guide you through the step-by-step procedure for renewing or replacing your vehicle registration in Florida.

How To Renew Your Florida Vehicle Registration In 2024?

Renewing your Florida vehicle registration is an essential requirement to ensure the legality and validity of your vehicle.

You can restore your registration online, in person, by mail, or through mobile apps like MyEasyGov and MV Express kiosks.

Renew Or Replace Florida Vehicle Registration
Renew Or Replace Florida Vehicle Registration

The Florida vehicle registration renewal process includes:

  • Submitting the required documents.
  • Paying the fee through the automated tag renewal system.
  • Updating the renewal form with new information.
  • Managing tag renewal deadlines.

How do you renew your Florida vehicle registration online?

The process to renew your Florida vehicle registration online is as follows.

  • Access the Florida MyDMV portal. This portal is a helpful tool the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles created.
  • Log in to your MYDMV account, or create one if you don’t have one.
  • Enter your licence plate or vehicle identification number (VIN). In the required field, enter your date of birth. For companies, enter the date of initial registration instead.
  • Check your personal identification number (PIN) from your renewal notice. Please enter it in the correct field.
  • Follow all other instructions listed.
  • Pay the vehicle registration renewal fee.

How To Renew With The Mobile App?

You can use the mobile app to speed up the vehicle tagging process. The Florida Department of Highway Safety created the MyFlorida mobile app for this task.

This tool lets you update your vehicle and boat tags from your phone. The app works on many types of phones and is easy to use.

First, download the MyFlorida app to your phone. Then, open the app and look for “Vehicle Registration Renewal.” Tap that option and follow all the steps on the screen until you’re done. The process is safe, fast, and convenient, so try this hassle-free method.

How To Renew Your Registration In Florida?

It’s elementary to renew your vehicle registration in Florida. Here’s how to do it

  • Visit a local automotive service centre, which can help you with anything related to your vehicle.
  • Bring your previous registration information to prove ownership – it’s essential to show it.
  • Bring some money for the renewal fee. Fees vary by region, but be prepared.
  • Always check if you need to change your address when you renew.
  • Use the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles’ MyDMV portal. This will speed up the process and make it easier for everyone involved.
  • For more information on how to renew your Florida vehicle registration, visit their online site.

How do you renew your Florida registration by mail?

Under certain conditions, you can renew your Florida vehicle registration by mail. Here are the simple steps

  • First, check your renewal notice. It will state whether you can renew by mail.
  • Fill out the necessary DMV forms.
  • If necessary, prepare a change of address decal.
  • Tick the Mail registration renewal box on the form.
  • Prepare a cheque for the fee shown on your renewal notice.
  • Mail all documents, including the fee, to the tax office.
  • Wait for your renewed registration to be mailed to you.

Florida vehicle registration renewal fees

In Florida, the vehicle-renewal fee depends on the weight of the vehicle. The renewal fee is $36.10 for vehicles weighing between 2500 and 3499 pounds, $46.10 for oversized vehicles weighing over 3500 pounds, and $36.10 for vehicles weighing between 2500 and 3499 pounds. If you’re renewing more than one vehicle at a time, there’s an additional fee of $3.50 for each car.

How do you replace a lost or damaged vehicle registration?

Prove the loss, complete the paperwork, and pay the fee at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

You can also replace damaged plates by following specific procedures for the DHSMV sets. The following comprehensive guide will walk you through all of these procedures in detail so that replacing your lost or damaged plates seems manageable.

Can I replace a damaged Florida license plate?

Yes, damaged Florida plates can be replaced. The vehicle owner must do it. If your old plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, you must apply for new ones. You’ll need cash to get new plates.

However, if someone has stolen and reported your plates to the police, you don’t need to pay for new plates. You can’t transfer your existing plates to someone else – only the owner can transfer plates from an old vehicle to a new one.

If someone steals your plates without your permission, contact the police immediately to get new plates as soon as possible.

How Can I Replace and duplicate My Florida Registration?

You can replace or duplicate your Florida registration in several ways. One way is to go to your nearest Motorist Services Centre. At the centre, request and fill out a duplicate registration form.

Where Can I Replace My Florida Registration?

If you lose or damage your registration, there are two ways to get a new one in Florida. First, you can go to a driver assistance centre, which is located all over the state.

Check online if there is a centre near you. The second method is to use GoRenew, the official website operated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Many find this method faster and easier than visiting a centre in person. If you don’t like computers or don’t have access to one, you can go to your local tax office or car showroom.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace My Vehicle Registration In Florida?

To replace your vehicle registration in Florida, you must pay a small fee; the typical cost is about $5, but you may be charged a small additional fee. You will be notified of the exact amount when you apply for a replacement.

If you lose or damage your registration and need to get a new one immediately, going in person can speed up the process. But remember that most places charge a replacement fee, usually $2.50, and a service fee of $2.

Have you bought a car? If it is new or used and does not have its number plate, you may be charged an initial registration fee of $225 and other taxes. Also, remember that renewal by mail will cost you an additional $10.90 for a two-year vignette for your vehicle in Florida.

Florida Department Of Motor Vehicles Contact Information

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles is easily accessible through various channels, including several branches, helpful phone numbers, email and regular mail.

Please find out how to use these resources efficiently with our detailed guide.


The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has several branches that can be used. You can find driver’s licences and auto service centres in every country. Broward County and Palm Beach County also have these centres.

You can also get help from the Office of Administrative Review and the Florida Highway Patrol. These agencies also provide automotive assistance. Another easy way to get the information you need is the online portal MyDMV. This site is beneficial because you can do many things from home.

Telephone Numbers

You can call the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles for help. The customer service number is 850-617-2000. Calls are made during business hours. You can also use this number if you need help getting your vehicle registration suspended.

For Naples County residents, call the Collier County DMV office at 239-434-5687. Broward County residents may reach the Coral Springs DMV office at 954-765-4697.


You can also email the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This method is helpful if you have questions about renewing your vehicle registration or need help with online renewal.

To send a letter, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles mailing address is 2900 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

You can also mail the account creation form or supporting documents, ensuring your name and address match those on your driver’s licence and ownership documents. Remember that drivers have 30 days to notify Airbnb of any changes.

Make sure all your documents are up to date! Airbnb will contact you shortly by email or post to resolve any issues.


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