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PayFLClerk At Www.PayFLClerk.Com

PayFLClerk: Do you need any help for paying traffic tickets in Florida?

The answer would be YES.

Don’t worry; PayFLClerk Portal (Www.PayFLClerk.Com) solves every kith & kin of your problem regarding traffic ticket payment.

The main motto of the Pay FL Clerks portal ( is to pay fines and penalties associated with traffic citations. PayFLClerk.Com is designed in such a way as to produce traffic tickets statewide (Florida).

There is an option for selecting the Ticketing county. Once you choose that particular option of the ticketing county for completing the transaction, you will be redirected to the Clerk of Court payment site.

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Welcome To PayFLClerk.Com

PayFLClerk.Com – Know Everything About It

In this 21st century, promptly (on time) addressing any work is essential. For that, we have plenty of shortcuts, which saves us time.

Well, coming to our topic of paying traffic tickets in Florida, we generally have 30 days to either pay your traffic ticket, enrol in a driver improvement course, or contest it if eligible.

traffic citation payments at

It is challenging for everyone to visit the office and pay their traffic ticket bills.

Www.PayFLClerk.Com is a reliable platform for taking care of trafficking ticket payments, which saves you valuable time by not visiting the office.

You must maintain a clean driving record every time. Now and then, we might violate any traffic rule and get a penalty, but we might not notice it.

As a driver, staying informed and familiarising yourself with your responsibilities & rights is crucial. PayFLClerk.Com portal simplifies the Florida traffic ticket payment process.

What Is PayFLClerk?

PayFLClerks, AKS Pay FL Clerks, is an appropriate online platform for paying traffic tickets in Florida. Instead of visiting the Clerk’s Office or Clerk of Court to pay traffic violation fines, you can pay at PayFLClerk.Com.

PayFLClerk.Com is a user-friendly & safe web portal for paying your fines in Florida.

Understanding About PayFLClerk.Com:

For statewide traffic ticketing payments in Florida, website acts as a single source payment mode. The primary purpose of the Pay FL Clerk portal is to connect you to various County Court Clerk offices in Florida.

To begin the process, select the county from the list given. When selecting the appropriate county, you will be redirected to the respective County Clerk of Court payment site.

NOTE: You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker on mobile devices for this site ( to work.

Points To Remember After Issueing The Traffic Tickets?

Soon after the traffic ticket was issued in Florida, you will have 30 days to encounter the below points from the date of the issuance.

  • Take a course on driving improvement.
  • Pay the FL ticket.
  • Be sure to enter a plea for not guilty or nolo contender.

Most of the time, the above options and the corresponding requirements are the same.

PayFLClerk.Com: Pay Your Tickets Online (Pay FL Tickets)

To pay for FL traffic tickets online, visit the Pay FL Clerks official portal at Further, you have to enter the details like citation number & other information, including your name; you get the citation number on the traffic ticket you received.

Once you have entered your details, verify the ticket details displayed on the screen before paying the fine.

Remember that while paying your fines through the PayFLClerk platform, you will be charged a convenience fee. It is an electronic payment (online payment) rather than a standard form of payment like Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer, cash, or check.

Pay Your Tickets Online

The primary benefit of making online payments is instead of visiting the Clerk’s office in person, and your valuable time is saved.

Online payment will help an individual to avoid additional late fees or penalties. Once you complete the online payment at, the system will provide you with the confirmation.

Kindly save the proof of payment for your records. It clarifies that you paid the penalty and resolved the traffic citation.

By following this guide, paying traffic tickets in Florida is a cakewalk for you.

How To Find Your Clerk Contact Number?

Here are the numbers from different county.

  1. Alachua: 352-374-3609.
  2. Baker: 904-259-0205.
  3. Bay: 850-747-5100.
  4. Bradford: 904-966-6289.
  5. Brevard: 321-637-5413 x0.
  6. Broward: 954-831-6565.
  7. Calhoun: 850-674-4545.
  8. Charlotte: 941-637-2191.
  9. Citrus: 352-341-6424 x3.
  10. Clay: 904-278-3666.


  1. # Pay 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the IVR service at (855) 984-1187.
  2. # Pay via a live representative Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 8 PM ET, at (844) 577-5649