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Renew Florida Driver’s License: The Definitive Guide

Renew Florida Driver’s License: Are you looking to renew your driving license in Florida? Most Floridians must do this every eight years unless they are over 80.

This guide explains the process, showing what documents are required and how much they cost to renew. Follow the guide below for hassle-free driving license renewal.

Renew Florida Driver’s License
Renew Florida Driver’s License

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What are the options For renewing the Florida driver’s license?

You can renew your Florida driver’s licence online, in person or by post. For speed and comfort, opt for online renewal. You can complete the process quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.

However, one thing must be remembered. To use online, your last renewal must have been face-to-face.

If you wish to renew in person, you must do so at your local DMV. When doing so, bring all the necessary documents. This method may take longer, but it will work. Either way, you will have a valid Florida driver’s license again.

What Are The Steps To Renew It Online?

First, go to the MyDMV portal and click ‘Renew Your License.’ Next, you will need to enter your details to prove that you are you. Enter your date of birth and social security number.

Then, carefully review all the information on the screen. Make sure everything is correct! You can use a credit or debit card for this procedure.

Go to the nearest Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) office or private tag agency. Bring your current driver’s licence and any other required documents. These documents must include who you are, where you live and your social security number.

There is also a $48 fee to renew your licence in person in Florida; if you are over 80, your renewed card will be valid for six years instead of eight years.

Renewal Periods & Expiry Dates

In Florida, driver’s licences can be renewed 18 months before expiration. This rule also applies to out-of-state and overseas drivers with a digital photo. Florida driver’s licences are generally valid for eight years.

After this period, it must be renewed; if you are over 80, the situation changes, and you must obtain a new licence every six years instead of eight years.

Renewal Options For Out-Of-State Residents

Out-of-state residents can also renew their Florida driver’s license. There are two options: online or in person. If you have lost your licence, you can obtain a new licence online.

This is also possible if you have a valid licence from another state. You can use it to get a new license in Florida. This procedure is fee-based.

Reissuing A Lost Or Stolen Driver’s Licence

You should take immediate action if you have lost your driver’s licence. First, go to the nearest Florida driver’s license office. Here, fill in a reissue request form.

This will tell you that you need a new licence. By reporting your licence lost or stolen, you can fight the risk of fraud and identity theft. Be sure to check your state’s DMV website, as rules may vary from state to state.

Georgia residents should refrain from attempting to renew an expired ID or driver’s licence online! Remember the following rules when reissuing a lost or stolen driver’s licence.

How To Check The Status?

You can keep an eye on the renewal process. Use the driver’s licence verification system. This is a tool that shows renewals linked to your driving licence. It helps you keep track of the status of your application.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at (850) 617-2000. We can assist you with general issues relating to your driving record and licence. You can also view details of your licence status on the MyDMV portal and download renewal forms if required.

Documents and requirements for renewal

To renew your driver’s licence in Florida, you will need proof of identity and date of birth, proof of a valid social security number and proof of your residential address.

Proof of identity and date of birth

To renew your Florida driver’s licence, you must prove who you are and when you were born. A US birth certificate or a valid passport is valid. Other forms of identification are acceptable if they contain the exact details of these two documents.

Proof of social security number

Your Social Security number is essential for the Florida driver’s license renewal process. This document must match your name and date of birth. It must only be an original document, not a photocopy.

If your name differs from those on these documents, additional procedures may be required to renew your licence.

Proof Of Address

To renew your driving licence, you must show where you live. This is called proof of address. You need two proofs of address, each of which must be different.

If you are driving for the first time from another country, you must also provide proof of address in Florida.

How Much Is The Renewal Fee?

The renewal fee for a Florida driver’s licence is $48. For information on additional costs and possible exemptions, see the section below.

If you need to renew your Florida driver’s licence, you must pay a fee of $48. This fee applies to all standard non-commercial Class E licences.

If your licence expires after the expiry date, you must pay an additional fee. The fee is $15 higher for late renewals, $63.

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Everything is easy; once you have everything you need, you can renew your Florida driver’s licence. Reviewing the renewal process, procedures and fees will make renewal a breeze. Now, hit the road again with confidence.

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